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Our earlier post referred to setting the maximum memory usage for the SBSMonitoring database, but it is not the only default database that can use a large amount of RAM. The Sharepoint database for the companyweb interface can also get a bit out of control at times. Here are the steps to limit the maximum amount of RAM used:

  1. On the SBS 2008 server, open the Start menu and select All Programs.
  2. Select Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
  3. Right-Click on SQL Server Management Studio Express and select Run As Administrator. If you don’t run the tool as Administrator, the remaining steps will not work.
  4. Enter the following for the datbase name:
  5. Click Connect.
  6. When the Object Explorer window opens, right-click on the top item (.pipemssql$microsoft##sseesqlquery) and select Properties.
  7. Click on the Memory page in the left-hand column.
  8. Change the Maximum Server Memory value to something a little more reasonable. The minimum RAM is set to 128, so the maximum cannot be set lower than that. You may need to tweak this value to ensure proper performance out of the Sharepoint database.
  9. Click OK and the database memory usage will be adjusted.
  10. Close SQL Server Management Studio Express when finished.

Want to see this in action? Check out our screencast of the process!

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