Foundation Webinar Q&A

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Here is the Q&A from today’s Foundation Server webinar. The recording will be available soon in our Store,

Question: Good to hear that Texas twang again. :)
Answer: you’re quite welcome, sir! :)
Question: Will it run on Hyper-V?
Answer: No, we’ll cover the limitations of the product in the presentation.
Question: Russell Clements – Systems Administrator at Institute for Creation Research (DFW-SBS President in my spare time…). I’ve used Third Tier twice and was VERY impressed with the OUTSTANDING service provided. It’s a GREAT resource – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
Answer: Thanks, Russell.
Question: He mentioned 15 users in AD. Does that count include all the “default” users (Administrator, Guest, IIS_WPG, IUSR_SVRNAME, IWAM_SVRNAME, etc.)? Or only the named users that we add for the customer’s employees?
Answer: No it does not includes those users. Only the named users. There is a licensing service then runs every few minutes and checks for users in the domain.
Question: I am not seeing slides changing
Answer: You should be on the slide What CAN Founcation Server do? Slide. If not, you may have lost connection and need to sign out and back in again.
Question: they are changing REALLY slowly
Answer: OK, well at least moving. Eriq hasn’t shown many slides yet.
Question: In Server 2003, there was a POP3 mail server. Is there one available for Foundation?
Answer: If there is in Server 2008 R2 then it’s available in Foundation Server.
Question: If a vendor says in there specis that they need server 2008 will a Foundation Server work?
Answer: Yes, unless it hits upon one of the feature limitations that eriq mentioned. But in almost all cases, yes it will.
Question: How are you handling email with this solution?
Answer: I am using hosted Exchange. POP mail through an ISP would also be an option.
Question: Do you have a link that compares windows home server with foundation server?
Answer: There is no direct comparison because they are housed in different divisions within Microsoft.
Question: Will there be evals or NFR’s that we can get maybe through the Action Pack to get familiar with the software?
Answer: Foundation Server came in the Action Pack with the last quarter delivery.
Question: For the small offices that have been limping along on Server 2000 or Server 2003 is there a migration path to Foundation? What about SBS03 users that have decided to move to hosted Exchange?
Answer: There is no direct migration from 32-bit to 64-bit.
Question: Can you add Exchange, Sharepoint ect. and is there any separate pricing for it.
Answer: Sharepoint services is a free download. Anything that you install onto Foundation Server will need to be purchased.
Question: Since this is sold in OEM only, if the server hardware dies then we cannot do bare metal restore because it violates OEM license EULA, correct? Or am I missing something.
Answer: Yes, regular OEM licensing limitations apply.
Question: What about a migration path similar to SBS03->08? If we want to preserve the existing AD …
Answer: Yep, you can join it to the existing domain as a domain controller, it will then have a copy of the AD. Don’t forget to move the FSMO roles after you remove the old SBS03 server.
Question: I’m not that familiar with the low-end Dell boxes. What is your recommendation for RAID? PERC S100/S300 (“software based”)? Or a hardware RAID card?
Answer: This is a matter of opinion. But in my mind, this is a low end box and therefore mirror is probably most appropriate. There are no limitations in the product itself regarding drives.
Question: Great job, but I joined late. Is this recorded?
Answer: YES!
Question: So we need to be careful with additional users, like backup service, zenith remote admin, etc (which aren’t specifically “named Users” but it sounds like they will take up a foundations CAL?
Answer: Yes, any created user would count as one of the 15 users.
Question: 15 users – counting disabled? // What if foundation is not a DC role, can it be in a domain with trusts? // Can virtualization be used for validation of recovery processes OR as a temporary solution for recovery in case of critical hardware failure? // What are you doing to address Backup of foundation server?
Answer: answering live
Question: can Foundation Server software be purchased from Ingram or D&H?
Answer: No. Foundation Serveris OEM only and only to the major manufacturers at that.
Question: There was some debate in forums about whether you can attach in a larger domain as long as the user usage is 15 or lower. IE. 50 user shop. 10 users hitting FS with TS?
Answer: Nope. It can only be installed at the root of the domain, so it will count all of the users in the entire domain.
Question: You said Dell will ship this preinstalled. How do they configure RAID, disk partitions, etc.? Are there OK options or do you end up blowing it away and rebuilding?
Answer: The options availalbe from Dell have seemed OK to me. We have left it as installed and just setup our own data partitions.
Question: Foundation was recently sent to SBSCs for test setup
Answer: Yes, SBSC’s did get a copy of Foundation Server.
Question: Can you comment on why one would put in a foundation server vs a windows home server?
Answer: answering live
Question: Standard Microsoft Action Pack subscribers do not get Foundation server. I just checked on my online product downloads page. I am not SBSc.
Answer: It was shipped as a seperate DVD and not available for download. It may have been for SBSC Action Pack subscribers only.
Question: so the “administrator” counts as one user already, out of the 15?
Answer: We are not certain. We will get the answer and post it to the blog.
Question: Does the administrator user account count as one of the 15 users?
Answer: Look for the answer to this on our blog.
Question: Very good stuff guys. Thanks!
Answer: Welcome
Question: Excellent webinar.. thank you very much.
Answer: Welcome
Question: Thanks good info
Answer: Welcome
Question: Great info as usual.
Answer: Thanks Tom
Question: Foundation server only adds AD and TS?
Answer: Group Policy and all features of Windows 2008 R2
Question: is $299 the msrp?
Answer: Yes
Question: Thanks – Great Info
Answer: Welcome
Question: except direct access
Answer: It can be a DA client, just not the server side

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