Q&A from Kerio Connect Webinar

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The following is the Q&A from the today’s Kerio Connect webinar with Eriq Neale. The recording of the webinar will be available in the store later in the week.

Question: Shouldn’t we be using the 64 bit version?
Answer: Kerio Connect is 32 bit, but supports also 64 bit in compatibility mode
Question: So you are saying that the 2nd IP address on the NIC and 2 available Public IP Addresses are a REQUIREMENT (minimum needed) for this product’s implementation or this is unique to Server 2008 Foundation?
Answer: Only if you want two different web applications on the same box. Otherwise you can run one of the two web services on a non-standard port
Question: Think this will work on a WHS box?
Answer: Yes you can run Kerio Connect on Home Server
Question: Since this product uses an AD connector, will it require a step for AD and then in Kerio to add a new user?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: Outlook 2010 supported?
Answer: Yes, Eriq is using Outlook 2010 live now.
Question: The Kerio connector setup screens all referred speicifcally to Outlook *2007* – that’s why I asked about Outlook 2010 So Outlook 2010 support is a qualified ‘yes’?
Answer: yes, with the limitation I just decribed regarding the Kerio settings dialog
Question: Migration from Exchange? Migration back to Exchange from Kerio Connect?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: Shared calendars and contacts?
Answer: Demonstrated live.
Question: Client is thinking about repurposing a Win2000 Pro wkstn. Thoughts?
Answer: Windows 2000 Extended Support ended 2 days ago (July 13, 2010) so running a production mail server on a non-supported box probably isn’t a good idea.
Question: Is there a benefit to use Kerio over Exchange on an SBS 2003 network or would this be a potential change to make when upgrading server hardware?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: On whs, you could presumably use different ports so as to not conflict with the remote access web site?
Answer: Yes, you could use different ports, but that would keep you from being able to use ActiveSync internally and externally. You could manually configure Outlook to use the differnet ports as well as Internet Explorer, but some tools cannot have their port configurations changed and wouldn’t work in that scenario.
Question: Can you talk about DR and support (DR or just generall support) from Kerio (8-5, paid, included, email only, etc.)?
Answer: Answered live.
Question: Any anti-spam features?
Answer: Yes. You can get more details at http://www.kerio.com/connect