How big should you make the SBS 2011 C: Volume?

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In the official Microsoft specifications, which you can find here, they have this to say:

Available Disk Space: Minimum: 120 GB

In the past minimum has always meant minimum. As in, you wouldn’t want to run a server like that, minimum. But with SBS 2011 it seems that minimum means something else because after installing the full server product its only taking up about about 45GB. So that leaves about 75GB for growth. Is it sufficient? Should you go with the minimum specification?

I put the question to a few experts – SBB MVPs. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Boon Tee: 127GB if virtual, 120GB otherwise.
  • Philip Elder: 130GB
  • Andy (Handy Andy) Goodman: 120GB so I can open it in Virtual PC
  • Kevin Royalty: 120GB

Seems that they are all pretty darn close to the minimum. Andy’s Virtual PC consideration is an interesting one. Certainly adds flexibility if you can mount an image of the server on your laptop.

So what’s my recommendation? It’s a bit higher. I’m going to go with 150GB. My experience with logs recently says the Microsoft has really upped the number of logs generated. Sure we have some new scheduled tasks designed to help automatically trim logs, but we’ve usually got so much drive space that I can afford to spend some GB’s on a bigger C volume.

To each your own then. The consensus is that the minimum is good.


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