Install or Uninstall of CAS Role Seems to Hang

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Sometimes when you are installing or uninstalling the CAS role from an Exchange 2010 server, the setup process hangs during the CAS installation/uninstallation process, right at the point that the GUI says:

performance counters for the client access server role are being configured

It would be good to wait up to 30 minute, but if you’ve waited longer than that, the process will not finish. If you check the App Log at this point, you will see some errors related to Exchange performance counters. If you cancel the setup using Task Manager and then restart the process, it will finish the second time without any significant issues. It’s happened to me three times so far, once during installation and twice during uninstallation, and quitting the process and restarting it again resolved the problem.

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0 thoughts on “Install or Uninstall of CAS Role Seems to Hang

  • Mal

    Hi, I have a SBS 2011 with exchange 2010 installed.

    I had OWA problems and deleted the OWA CAS role from the EMC console
    under Server/Client Services/OWA tab.

    Our active synch is working and emails are all flowing successfully.

    To get OWA working I need to re-install the CAS role for OWA. Can you provide
    any feedback on the following:

    * How will this affect existing mail flow once re-installed?
    * Any problems with this role being re-installed that you know of?
    Microsoft instructions are asking for disk 2 of exchange but as we only have 1 SBS2011 DVD I’m not sure if I will be able to re-install without that disk2 if there is one for SBS2011.

    As this is a such a critical process, can you provide any tips or advice on this process?