IPv6 is Here! Learn all about it: Third Tier welcomes Tom Shinder’s IPv6 Course

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2011 is the year of IPv6! With the last IPv4 address allocations made in January of this year, the future of TCP/IP networking is IPv6. Over the next five years you’ll find the major carriers rolling out support for native IPv6 networks and providing IPv6 allocations to their customers. In the past there wasn’t much to motivate you to learn IPv6, since nobody was using it other than bleeding-edge implementers and techno-geeks. Those days are gone and the time has come to bring IPv6 into the mainstream. To help you get started on your IPv6 trek – Tom Shinder is offering a 32-week IPv6 course to all members of the Microsoft community. Don’t let the 32-week thing intimidate you. The course will be a couple of hours, every two weeks.

Third Tier is please to be part of the community effort to provide education to IT Professionals on IPv6. Tom Shinder will present a year long course (delivered in bite sized pieces) designed to train IT Professionals on understanding and using IPv6. As part of the community effort, Third Tier will provide the webinar location, TechNet wiki, TechNet Forums and Edge Man blogs will provide continuing education and an opportunity to contribute to the conversation after the webinar sessions. Third Tier will also record the live sessions for later viewing.

This course, slated to being in April 2011, will focus on IPv6 fundamentals for those entirely new to IPv6. The focus will be on the Microsoft implementation of IPv6 and we will use Joe Davies’ award winning book Understanding IPv6, Second Edition as our textbook.  The only prerequisites are that you have a basic understanding of IPv4 (you don’t need to be a networking guru), that you purchase the book and you want to get a head start on understanding IPv6 so that you’ll be prepared for the inevitable adoption and deployment of IPv6 on both home and corporate networks. The course will be delivered online and will be archived for later viewing. This is a community effort and we’ll adopt a number of community accessible tools (such as the TechNet wiki and TechNet forums and the Edge Man blog among others) to create a highly interactive and valuable learning experience. More details will be available in March 2011.

Let me introduce you to Tom Shinder, Principal Knowledge Engineer, DAIP iX. Anywhere Access Team

Stay tuned for details as the launch of this educational series draws near. Meanwhile, you might want to pick up the text book, Understanding IPv6, Second Edition

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