Q&A from the February 2011 Third Thursday Webinar – Configuring SBS 2011

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The following is the Q&A from the February 2011 Third Thursday webinar on Configuring SBS 2011 Standard. If you didn’t get a chance to ask your question or you have a question after listening to the recording of the webinar, head on over to our Forum site (https://www.thirdtier.net/forum) and post your questions in the Third Tier Info / Webinars area!

Question: If you click on the Status column first, and then in the Startup Column, any services that are not running will be at the top of the list. Saves you from scrolling down the lsit.

Answer: good tip!

Question: for later: certificates: do I order a certicate for remote.corbus.nl or corbus.nl?

Answer: you’ll likely get the cert for remote.corbus.nl, unless you are wanting a wildcard certificate for the entire domain.

Question: Public share is not moved by the Wizards – must be done manually

Answer: That’s correct.

Question: Does the SBS2011 built-in backup support Exchange-aware backup? SBS2008 did not if I’m not mistaken…

Answer: Yes, both SBS 2008 and SBS 2011 do include Exchange as part of the backup process.

Question: If using a third party backup, what is the recommended procedure to get SBS to not report that backup is not configured?

Answer: It was not possible to change that alert in SBS 2008, I have not checked to see if that has changed in SBS 2011, but I suspect that it works the same as SBS 2008, meaning that you will still see the alert even though you have a third-party backup configured and running.

Question: for smaller clients that might use Microsoft Security Essentials will they be reporting back to the SBS console that they are up-to-date, or virus riddled?

Answer: MSE should report correctly to the SBS console

Question: When you change external backup drives in the morning, does it make a full backup at noon on the new cartridge, thereby slowing down the system?

Answer: I believe that is correct. A full backup is taken when a backup drive is swapped out.

Question: Are you seeing issues with Forms Based Authentication service not starting up on reboot?

Answer: answered live

Question: Haven’t seen it on our production 2011.

Answer: Thanks.

Question: setup of USB backup drives needs to be done with all external drives connected – got error when adding another drive until original drives were reconnected

Answer: Great tip!

Question: Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition is not yet supported for SBS 2011 – any other recommendations?

Answer: Some of us are holding off on installing any AV on the SBS 2011 for the time being.

Question: If you decide to use Trend client on server, use WFBS6 for now, not WFBS7. We have WFBS7 running on our SBS 2011 TAP site, but recommend WFBS6 on new deployments for now.

Answer: That’s something we’ve heard from several people, thanks for sharing.

Question: I did experience an issue on a clean install of SBS 2011 with BAckup configured and functioning properly. For some reason the Exchange transaction log files were not being committed and deleted. I resolved the issue by killling the origional backup and after reconfiguring backup Exchange realized the backups were being performed and the transaction logs flushed. Much panic when the C: drive ran out of space in a matter of a day or two.

Answer: Thanks for sharing, we hadn’t heard about this specific item.

Question: I have Trend WFBS 7 installed on one production – most current patch released end of January addresses memeory and PCU issues. appears to work OK

Answer: Good to hear, thanks for sharing.

Question: Any issues with Outlook Anywhere / Autodiscover that you have come across on your lab boxes (that have haunted SBS 2008 in the past)?

Answer: answered live

Question: +who does a hosted console for their AV ?

Answer: Trend, Vipre are the two that i’m aware of. Others may also.

Question: thanks guys!

Answer: welcome

Question: Thanks………….. Lots of good info!

Answer: welcome!

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