Need to make an SPF record?

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Microsoft has a nice wizard available that will create a full proof SPF record for your domain.

How does Sender ID Framework work?

  1. Sender sends an e-mail to Receiver.
  2. Receiver’s inbound e-mail server receives e-mail and calls its Sender ID Framework.
  3. The Sender ID Framework looks up the SPF record of the domain that Sender is using for sending the mail.
  4. The receiving Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) determines if the outbound Mail Server IP address matches IP addresses that are authorized to send mail for the user.

You can find the simple 4 step wizard here:

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0 thoughts on “Need to make an SPF record?

  • Chris Knight

    The SPF record syntax can be found here:

    Interestingly took down their SPF record wizard due to the possibility of overly complex or incorrect record generation. It’s possible that the Microsoft wizard may suffer from the same problem. I’d recommend anyone creating an SPF record to understand the syntax and configuration that’s generated, given the ability to break mailflow in weird and wonderful ways by using an SPF record.