Troubleshooting Group Policy

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I discovered a dark tunnel on the Internet. The dark tunnel occurs when you search for the phrase “Group Policy An unknown error occurred while data was gathered for this extension. Details: Not Found” This phrase comes from the Computer and User Configuration settings pictured below when you run Group Policy Results to troubleshoot why a policy you have configured isn’t applying to a user or computer. When searching for this you get all kinds of complex difficult repairs that look pretty darn scary.




Fortunately there is a better way to get information on how to solve these problems. In group policy results look to the Policy Events tab.


Double clicking on the Folder Redirection error provides this information:


Now isn’t that  a much nicer place to start from for your troubleshooting experience, rather than the dark tunnel Details: Not Found? Now we know that the location that our folders are attempting to redirect to is offline and that we can solve.

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