Where’s my data encryption key?

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At the Brain Explosion Jeremy is going to show you how not to panic. He’s rolling out BitLocker including the new improved version in Windows 8 and showing you how to never panic about being able to read your data after you encrypt it.

Managing Data Encryption Presented by Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Brings forth the Encryption as he discusses BitLocker. Addressing the physical security of your network, including laptops and tablets Jeremy will discuss Bitlocker and how to Implement and deploy it in your Active Directory Domain. How to back up the recovery keys into AD DS using the BitLocker Active Directory Recovery Password Viewer tool, and how to recover data from a drive will be discussed and demonstrated. New features, including Network Unlock and Partial Drive Encryption that is available in Windows Server 8 and Windows 8 will be discussed. Learn how easy full disk encryption is to deploy and use in your networks, and the security that it brings to your clients knowing that if they have a device lost or stolen, that the data is secure from theft.

This is but one of the great sessions that Third Tier staff will present during the Brain Explosion. You should register now to reserve your space.

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