3 Tools you might want to try: wFetch, PAL and Portable Chrome

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wFetch is a Microsoft tool that has been available since the days of Windows NT. wFetch is a very simple tool that capture the traffic generated by your browser when you visit a website. You can use this information to troubleshoot why a webpage isn’t displaying correctly or why certain elements are blocked.

I recently used this tool to determine why a website was not presenting the SSL certificate terminal server users.

How to Use wFetch official kb article

Download eFetch



PAL is a tool hosted by CodePlex. This one assists you in reading performance logs, finding problems and resolving them. There are templates for most Microsoft applications. These templates analyze performance items that are important to the individual application. The best part is that it also interprets the data for you and offers suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

PAL 2.0 TechNet Blog post

PAL CodePlex Download


Portable Chrome

I have often said that my superpower of choice would be to simply be able to carry a portable hold around with me to deploy at will, then pick up and take with me for use another day. Portable Chrome comes pretty close. You can install portable Chrome, leave no footprints and pick it up and take it with you to use another time on another machine. You can even keep your settings for use the next time you need to deploy your portable Chrome.

Portable Apps website


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