Being the Cloud for Your Vendors

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In recent weeks, I have been contacted by three of the major vendors that Harbor Computer Services (my local small business IT company) uses about product changes that will require me to become the cloud. Not the whole cloud but part of the cloud. That’s an interesting wrinkle in this whole move the cloud thing isn’t it?

The cloud, while inexpensive isn’t free. I guess maybe that didn’t dawn on cloud vendors until recently. Reality hits when you have to store data or move data. Storing data requires servers with hard drives and backups of those servers consume storage too. Moving data requires bandwidth and the more data you store, the more you backup, the more you move and the more you have to pay for that bandwidth. This gets expensive in a hurry.

What’s the next step when a cloud vendor finds itself with skyrocketing data storage and bandwidth costs? They begin to look around for cheap data storage with someone that probably has excess bandwidth that they might be willing to give away or might accept a very low price for because they are making $0 from owning it today. That’s where IT firms comes in. We have storage space and we have excess bandwidth.

By virtue of NDA I can’t tell you which vendors I’ve been talking to. But do be advised that coming soon – a cloud near you, a cloud in your closet. Be the Cloud.

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