Strictly Opinion: white collar workers switch to blue

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There’s an interesting change coming on rapidly in IT. It has been labeled the consumerization of IT. In the consumerization of IT, individuals bring their own computers and phones to work and connect them to the network. Where have we seen this before?  In the skilled trades, of course. It’s a pattern that been around for ages.

Carpenters, mechanics and electricians all own their own equipment. Owning hammers and wrenches that can perform the work you will be expected to do is mandatory to be considered for employment. So is a certification from the union that you’re qualified to perform certain tasks. Regardless of whether you are making union wages or not, if you show up without the proper tools for the job, they’ll turn you right around and back out the door.

1. Straight claw framing hammer

2. Utility knife, retractable blade

3. Hand saw (Shark-tooth, or an 8 pt. preferred)

4. Chalk box with chalk

5. Nail puller (cat’s paw) and/or flat bar, pry bar

6. Metal speed square (not plastic, Craftsman and Swanson are good brands)

7. Level (maximum 30” long)

8. Tin snips or Aviation snips (straight-cut, yellow- handled preferred)

9. 8” Crescent wrench

10. Wood chisel

11. Leather or canvas pouch

12. 25’ Measuring tape

The information worker represents the new skilled tradesman in an information economy. With the simultaneous advent of online universities, the writing is on the wall that those that think they have mad computer skills are about to be commoditized. Bring your own PC, Phone and certification that you are qualified to be insides sales person, bookkeeper, cad designer and you’ll be hired. If you don’t have the right equipment, don’t expect to get a job or keep a job.

1. Laptop or Desktop with minimum of 4GB of ram, 100GB free disk space, NIC and dual 20” wide screen monitors

2. Personal Laser printer – minimum 16 pages per minute

3. Surge protection

Who will be the new white collar worker? The new white collar worker will have a traditional university degree and will find themselves in a greater trust level where a managed PC will be provided for them. They will have access to the intellectual property of the company; they will manager the blue collar information work force.

We are seeing the information age come to maturity.

As IT professionals we need to be begin building infrastructure to support this new reality. We’ve not trusted anything beyond the edge but now we’re going to need various trust levels within the network. Simple solutions to meet this new reality aren’t readily available yet. But now is the time to start thinking about how your next infrastructure recommendation is going to support the new blue collar/white collar information workforce and protect the business from data leakage while promoting productivity.

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