To-Do List too long? Small Budget? Hire Us

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Most IT firms have a very limited number of highly skilled staff and a larger number of less skilled staff. It’s an efficient way to run a business.

The best staff can resolve a problem in a quarter of the time it takes your average staff member. Sometimes your best most highly skilled staff person is you but of course you wear many hats and technical problems can’t have your undivided attention. This means that you find yourself juggling or relying on less skilled staff to solve problems. In either case, it takes about four times as long as it should to get the problem resolved and that’s not good for business.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation then your thoughts have probably turned to hiring. But hiring a full time employee that is highly skilled is a very expensive solution. Instead you should hire Third Tier by joining our micro-staffing program. This program allows you to add one of our staff to your business, in a small affordable way. Our highly skilled staff can complete in 10 hours what an average skilled person would spend 40 solving and it won’t cost you anywhere near what a full-time employee would cost.

  • An assigned Third Tier network engineer
  • Direct cellphone access during business hours
  • Direct email access
  • After hours support by appointment
  • Continued access to the Third Tier portal
  • Monthly or Quarterly Discount Program
  • Learn more about our micro-staffing program, My Third Tier, on our website.

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