Happy Holidays to All

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This holiday season I find myself reflecting on the past year. It has been a year of huge mostly stressful change both personally and professionally. Through it all Third Tier continues to thrive. We experienced a little over 20% growth this year. We hired our first W-2 employees. Our Independent contractor pool both grew and shrunk as they tend to do. Third Tier’s staff continued to shine individually receiving awards for their generous work for the community. We held another Brain Explosion. We brought you a Datto partnership that delivers free Third Tier support hours all the while maintaining Datto partner pricing for all of your purchases. We added My Third Tier, which is a way to add super skilled staff to your business in small fractions.

Last January Eriq Neale, my co-founder and one of my life’s best friends left the company due to terminal illness and in June he left this world. He leaves a big void both personally and professionally. We all continue to miss him. I personally miss his “Howdy” when I called him and “Hey Boss” when he called me. I also miss my ice cream eating buddy, my vacation and travel companion, my webinar partner and oh so many other things. But hard as it sometimes is, those of us still here need to look forward and keep moving and so we do.

Third Tier did also see directly the paralysis that the announcement of the end of Small Business Server has caused of lot of IT firms around the world. It truly was a shock to the system for many IT firms and continues to be for millions of small businesses. I’ve had a lot of discussions around this topic and so Third Tier has an exciting project starting in early 2013 called Enterprise Solutions for Small Business. It will include “chapters”, webinars and how-to videos, written and delivered by a group of 7 MVPs. We’re joining together to help everyone train up on core technologies that your former SBS customers and other advanced small businesses need.  We’re going to be covering a wide range of technical topics to bring everyone up to speed on how to consult, license, install, configure and manage core components that these businesses need today. This will be available by subscription only through the Third Tier helpdesk site. Watch our blog for an announcement on how to sign up soon.

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season and that next year your hopes and dreams come alive!

Amy Babinchak, Third Tier

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