MVP Awards at Third Tier

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Third Tier is made up of some amazing people that give a lot to the community. They do so out of their passion for IT and compassion for others. Each person is awarded for a year for the work that they did on behalf of the IT community in the previous year. Nominations are made by other MVPs, peers and Microsoft employees. After the nomination each MVP is asked to submit a list of all of the community work they did in the past year. As you can imagine this is not an easy task. By virtue of being MVP material, the community things you do are just part of your being and generally not something that you keep a dally of.

I wanted to congratulate all of Third Tier’s MVP, whether they were awarded this quarter or another. So congratulations to: Dave, Steve, Cliff, Lee, Edwin and Jeremy. It is quite an accomplishment to be named one of the worlds elite by one of the worlds top software companies. I also wanted to share the letter that MVPs receive. This one happens to be about me, but every MVP gets one just like it. MVPs tend to be a humble lot so you’ve probably not seen this letter before.


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