Enterprise Solutions for SMB Project Contributions by the SMBKitchen Crew in February

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“The Project” has been open for almost a full month, though it’s the shortest month of the year and it’s not quite the last day I still want to let everyone know what we’ve been up to. We’re off to a roaring start and we have plans to continue that momentum.

Document, Videos and Webinars published in February

  • Video: Server Patching with Susan Bradley. In this short video Susan Bradley introduces her new video series on patching.
  • Video: Patching tips for February
  • How to Block IE 10 from automatically installing
  • Installing Java 7-13
  • Patching 2-12 releases
  • Patching 2-12 release plus real world dead bodies and experiences
  • Backup Chapter – Determining Data Importance
  • Security Chapter – Using Microsoft’s EMET tool
  • Server Chapter – Server 2012 Virtualization Features for SMB
  • How to Install a Server 2012 Domain Controller (with DNS and DHCP)
  • Introduction to the SMBKitchen Crew webinar
  • SMBKitchen Crew February chat – talk about released content
  • Welcome introduction to this project
  • In the Know webinar: Future of Desktop Computing featuring Equus and Intel (Feb 28th)

And then there’s March

We kick-off March with a webinar on the new Office 365 releases by providing expert advice on where the best bets are for SMB from features and profit point of view. We will be scheduling our monthly KitchenCrew chat to give you an opportunity to ask questions directly to the authors about any of the content published so far. The Crew will be busy continuing to build out the chapters that they’ve started writing. In addition to adding content to the current chapters in progress you’ll also see the start of the Exchange, Consulting and Implementing Hyper-V Solutions chapters.

Haven’t joined us yet? Please do. It’s $15 a month and we’ll be releasing new material for 12 months.

You’ll need register for an account with us and then go into the Payments section of our portal to get started. You should do this now :) http://www.thirdtier.net/helpdesk


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