Phillip Elder contributions to the Enterprise Solutions for SMB project

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Phil describes himself as chef de partie of the SMBKitchen Crew. There he goes again depreciating himself and trying to move into the background. Those of you that know Phil know that he’s more than that. Phil is an important member of this crew. On his blog Phil says,

I believe that the SMBKitchen project will provide awesome returns for IT Professionals looking to take your IT Practice to the next level with all of the changes happening in our industry. If I didn’t believe that this post would never have happened.

As I state in my SMB Nation presentation, our goal here at MPECS Inc. is to be the best On-Premises IT Solution Provider. Period. SMBKitchen just happens to fit right into that vision!

Phil’s main area of contribution is going to revolve around consulting to the right clients and implementing Hyper-V cluster solutions for businesses as small 10 users. How do you do that? Who would buy that? How much does something like that cost? Are the first questions that jump to mind. Well as Phil will show us, it’s about picking the right niche for your small IT firm to work in. Hyper-V clusters or even on-premise servers aren’t for every business. But there businesses out that need this technology today and into the future.

That’s why Phil wanted to be part of the SMBKitchen Crew.  You see with all of the Clouds coming down on small business, Phil looked around and said “where does my business fit?” We all need to do the same. Identify what we are really, really good at, target the market that needs those services and build an IT company from that premise. Then we need technical skills and consulting skills to convey the message to potential clients. Phil is going to show us how he’s done it already.

If you haven’t signed up for the Enterprise Solutions for SMB then please join us now. We’ve just launched this month, papers are flowing in and our webinar schedule is about to kick-off. Now is the perfect time.

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