Susan Bradley Contribution to “the Project”

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Susan Bradley, one of our SMBKitchen members,  is contributing critical patching information to the Enterprise Solutions for SMB project. She will be adding a continuous stream of patching tips, tricks, and alerts to keep you “in the know” about security.

You may recognize the names of most of our crew. They are 7 MVP’s and small business IT experts. Instead of writing another book we created this project and are making it available by subscription. Learn about our other crew members and get signed up.

So far Susan has shown us how to:

  • Block IE 10 from installation
  • Install Java 7.13
  • Use Microsoft’s security tool EMET to protect sensitive computers from zero-day attacks

And she’s produced this short video to show us all what she has planned for the coming year. She’s going to enable us to say no to patches. 

Learn to say NO to patches

That’s just this week and just from Susan Bradley. Imagine a whole year’s worth of great information from 7 great small business focused IT Professionals. Now imagine yourself ahead of the curve.

So who wrote this blog and what do they do for a living anyway?
We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals.

Check out our Enterprise Solutions for SMB project!
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