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I serve on the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council for small business partners. There are members of this PAC spread around the Country and we are charged with getting information out to the communities we participate in. As part of that effort I’m going to start to post items related to the Microsoft partner program here on the blog. I hope that you will find them useful. There’s often that nugget that can get you a rebate, or a second-shot training voucher, a discount or licensing training that can end up making you more money. Keep in mind that this information is USA based.

A big part of being successful is being “in the know”. This is one of the goal of our Enterprise Solutions for SMB project at Third Tier. If you aren’t subscribed, go here to learn more and get signed up.

Second Shot Training Offer: For a limited time, we are offering a 2nd Shot Exam promotion! If you don’t pass on the first try, get the 2nd attempt for free. See details at:

BigEasy and CloudEasy: These are rebate programs. Check arrives to your client made out to you. now is the time to take advantage of the Big Easy and Cloud Easy promotions. You can learn the details of each program at and

Office365 Sweepstakes: Selling a good size block of licenses? Sweepstake details can be downloaded here. Quarterly sweepstakes winners will be announced. Contest ends June 14th, 2013.

Free Money for proposal mailings: To get you started, Microsoft is offering 50 proposals to the first 250 partners – up to *$800.00 (USD) towards your order on the KP Corporation Marketing 360 ordering tool. Download the Slide Deck for more details and how to get signed up to get your proposals completed.

Microsoft Marketing Webinars:

Server 2012 Training:

Rebates for Selling Open Licensing: VAR Rebate using

Move to the New Office Sweepstakes: Every time you sell $1500 worth of Office 2013 you get an entry for monthly prizes of trips and Surfaces Pro. One time entry form makes it easy.

Can’t find the latest licensing prices lists? Here they are:

And don’t forget to join our Enterprise Solutions for SMB Project. We’re providing the framework for the future of small business IT. With webinars, how-to, papers, video and chat, from the sharpest small business IT professionals in the drawer.

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