In The Know: Setting Your Standard of Care

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Attention SMBKitchen Subscribers our next In The Know webinar will be on Tuesday June 4th at 6pm eastern. See the Knowledgebase for your webinar invitation. Not a subscriber yet? Join in! It’s $180 for the full year, paid at $15 per month. and learn more.

Ben Yarbrough will join us to discuss setting a standard of care in your business that makes you stand out from the competition. Ben’s expertise in legal matters, regulation and security makes him uniquely aware of the situation that small business find themselves in and the opportunity that this situation presents to small IT firms as the Trust Advisor. This topic dovetails nicely with our chapter on consulting in the new age, the need to expand your expertise and provide real service beyond setup and configuration.

As an SMB IT practitioner do you consider yourself a trusted advisor to your clients?  Most of your peer IT pros are armed with general IT experience (OTJ product training and a school of hard knocks degree), a bare bones budget and limited access to enterprise technical resources and they are often wedged between hard selling ISPs, a throng of vendors slinging promises of next generation widgets, and clients demanding total convenience, access anywhere and FREE. So it is not any surprise that your peer SMB IT pros face huge challenges to deliver uninterrupted IT systems and data access only to the right people at the right time ensuring no breach or loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability.   And a collision of unruly standards, regulations and guidelines (and emerging litigation) threaten to bog down SMB IT pros in a permanent state of paralysis. HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, NIST and other authorities seem to suggest a framework – but only you as the IT pro decide how to advise your client.  So where is the clear and concise guidance on what the SMB IT pro should do? Unfortunately there is no silver bullet so focusing on controls and activities that provide high returns is critical. Doing nothing is not acceptable…..and certainly not professional!

WARNING: This session is not a  sales or marketing presentation; a checklist for selling security, making more money and satisfying the ABCs of regulations; or a comparison of the various regulations and sources of authority.  This session will attempt to establish a foundation for community discussion on “Standard of Care” and possible next steps for providing clear, concise and simple guidance for SMB IT prosCovered areas are expected to include the following with respect to a “Standard of Care”:  what, why, how and why not; benefits and challenges, “Professionalism” for the IT Pro; regulatory references; future developments;  suggested elements for the SMB IT pro; matching skill sets and expertise; interacting with clients and available resources.

Not a subscriber yet? Join in. It’s $180 for the full year, paid at $15 per month. and learn more.

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