Updating the Intel Modular Server from v6.5 to v6.8 Involves Taking the Storage Controllers Offline

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We are in the process of updating the firmware on our Intel Modular Server from v6.5 to v6.8 on our way up to v6.10.

When we uploaded the file using Modular Server Control (MSC) we came to the point where the firmware would not go any further before we reset the Storage Controllers into Safe Mode.


The process of flipping the two Storage Controllers into Safe Mode takes about five to ten minutes with a few CONFIRM steps required.

Once they are offline, we are able to move on with our firmware updates:


Given that storage is offline this particular update will need to be run after hours. A backup is mandatory for any servers whether physical or virtual prior to running this update (we only back up the guests in the case of a Hyper-V Failover Cluster).


IE10 is a waste of time. IE9 in Compatibility Mode with the MSC in Trusted Sites will work for the most part. Third Party browser may be the best option for this process.

Note that the IMS will go into Limp Mode once the first SCM goes offline. That means that hearing protection should be worn during the process.


The update process can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes to complete. Please budget time for this process accordingly.

Intel Modular Server Support:

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