Microsoft SMB Champions Club

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What you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s SMB Champions Club? The good news is that you aren’t that far behind because it just launched. The bad news is that Microsoft launched a new program for small business partners but forgot to tell them. I happened to notice because suddenly my POR all disappeared along with my Cloud Champion benefits and my distributor invited me to an event less than 24 hours before it occurred– I have to figure out who to call to get that cleared up.

There’s a Master Cloud Toolkit. At least $1,000 in marketing funds at the lowest level. Consumer leads. “Incremental Offers” which could be invitations to Microsoft Store events or other funding opportunities. More benefits accrue as your practice gets larger and include membership on the Cloud Advisory Council, Bing Ad Credits and direct support in additional to more $$ for MDF.

There are also tiers to this program. If you are currently in the VAR Champions Club, Cloud Champions Club or the SMB Top VAR Program you are grandfathered in at your level until July 2014. But you still need to re-apply now.

Enrollment for everyone apparently began in mid-July and ends in September. Next Window doesn’t open until 2014 so get yourself enrolled now, just in case.

You can find out more about the program here:

- Amy

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