Ways to find technical information on Microsoft Servers you might not have known about

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PosterPedia is a very cool mobile and Windows 8 app that presents Microsoft technologies in graphical format. But wait there’s more! You can drill down into them and be taken to the TechNet resource on the topic you are looking at. The poster is alive! I think that’s pretty cool. Search for Server Posterpedia in the Store.



Take TechNet Docs with you. This is a new feature of TechNet. You can select a number of documents from TechNet and build you own reference book to take into the field with you. Or you can make a personal collection and store it in your library for later. To get started log into the TechNet Library and click the Export button in the upper right corner. You’ll be taken to a page that will explain the process of creating your personal book. When you’ve read that press the big START button to load the toolbar you’ll need.



Be part of the solution. TechNet articles are now editable by you, ala Wikipedia. It’s because they are all now published as Wiki’s. Edit and view the history. Contribute to making these technical resources better for everyone.


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