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Barely a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me what PSA software I use at Harbor Computer Services. My answer is that I don’t use any. The response is always something akin to, “oh, I thought you did managed services”. Somewhere, somehow it has apparently been settled that you are not a managed services firm unless you make a purchase from a PSA software vendor and hire staff to sit and watch event logs roll by or green and red blips appear on a screen. This is very good news for PSA software firms. Anytime you can define an industry by the presence of your software it’s a good thing for your product.

My company is a managed services firm as people think of such aside from the software subscription. We provide proactive services to our clients. But our structure is different than most and our services broader than most.  We don’t do cookie cutter solutions. We don’t have packages that our clients have to fit into. We are a professional services firm in the field of IT. Our services are personal. Our clients unique businesses require unique services. Understanding their business needs and providing the right IT to help them succeed is our driving force.

I implore all IT business owners to take a step back and define themselves and not let vendors define you. Let’s keep it simple. If you have staff that sit around and wait for the phone to ring then you are a break-fix firm. If you provide proactive services to your clients then you aren’t. Most of you fall into this second category. Now remember why you are in business and define yourself around that important concept. This why I’m in business: I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of people when things are working as they expect them to and I love to see the success our clients enjoy when we make sure that their IT is working hard to propel them in the direction they want to go. Here is how we implement it:


How do you define your business? Why are you in business?

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