November Chat Recording

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On November 7th the SMBKitchen Crew held our almost every month chat. I was supposed to hit the record button. I didn’t until someone poked at me to do it and by then half of the chat was over. So I go the last half. You can download and have a listen here. In this chat we discussed the articles recently published both online and in the SMBKitchen Knowledgebase, Cryptolocker, online banking, upcoming articles, DNS issues in Windows Essentials Server, Chrome for Business, DHCP and DNS placement, SMBTechFest, Raspberry PI projects, the October USB Patching situation and more. It always rambles but that’s the point of a chat.

Since there’s always a text chat happening on the side as we talk I’m including that here. Some good reference materials included.

Amy Babinchak [5:57 PM]: I’ll apologize in advance for the cat meowing noises. My cat has decided to starting meowing for no apparent reason.

Susan Bradley [5:58 PM]: As an aside I would just like to announce that McAfee on a Windows 8 laptop sucks

Amy Babinchak [5:58 PM]: When does McAfee not? :)

Susan Bradley [5:58 PM]: (fixing a mishaving laptop that has Macfee on it and it's pegging the cpu like crazy)

Scott Winter [6:05 PM]: If you install Chrome for business, will that prevent the consumer Chrome from installing or are we going to end up with both versions (Thanks Adobe…)

Amy Babinchak [6:11 PM]: Feel free to jump in with questions any time

lew blanck [6:16 PM]: re: you recommend dns on server or router, please ?

Susan Bradley [6:16 PM]: dns on the server

lew blanck [6:17 PM]: ok. thank you :-)

Susan Bradley [6:17 PM]: do the blog post

David Grinder [6:17 PM]: same scenario…DHCP-Server or router?

Philip Elder [6:17 PM]: DNS and DHCP belong on the server — though I find that W2011E and W2012E have flaky DNS resolution for Internet addresses even with forwarders.

lew blanck [6:18 PM]: we run hosted pbx …any tweak suggestions, please ?

Susan Bradley [6:19 PM]: DHCP on the server too

Ed Miskowiec [6:20 PM]: Do you have a link for the information on cryptolocker fix?

Susan Bradley [6:23 PM]:

Gary Shell [6:23 PM]: Thoughts on the app that attempts to prevent cryptolocker and automatically white lists existing apps like dropbox?

Susan Bradley [6:24 PM]:

The app just adds Software restriction policies in the registry same concept, but can work on home SKUs where group policy won't work

the blog link is pure group policy so you can control it from the server but it's the same concept

Gary Shell [6:27 PM]:  But the beauty of the app APPEARS to be the auto white listing of apps already present that would otherwise fail. Most notable is DropBox which many of my clients use.

Susan Bradley [6:29 PM]: Check the SRP and/or the registry after deploymt, it will confirm what it does

Charley Kerr [6:31 PM]: Does Rasberry allow for 64bit?

lew blanck [6:32 PM]: can group policy in WSE2012 help standardize or lockdown w8.1 desktops, please ?

Dexter Southerland [6:32 PM]: Amy How about letting us know if the test works for banking

Edward Rempala [6:32 PM]: Raspberry Pi has an ARM11 CPU, which is 64bit

Bob Romney [6:33 PM]: So, after building out an SBSE OU structure, one moves all computers to the new SBSComputers OU? Is that correct?

Philip Elder [6:34 PM]: @Bob Yes, and we use a PowerShell script to add a computer to the domain at that specific first before running the W2012E connector install.

Bob Romney [6:34 PM]: I see, its the Container issue, thanks!

Susan Bradley [6:35 PM]: whatever floats your boat as the saying goes

Philip Elder [6:35 PM]: We use the PS to pick up the GPO structures as we may have some that we don't want the computer to pick up if dropped into the Computers container.

Gary Shell [6:35 PM]: My first time here. How late doe these sessions usually go?

KenS [6:35 PM]: Is this being recorded so we can listen again later?

Susan Bradley [6:35 PM]: 25 more minutes. yes it's being recorded

KenS [6:35 PM]: :)

Amy Babinchak [6:35 PM]: no I didn’t hit record

KenS [6:35 PM]: :(

Gary Shell [6:36 PM]: Is it too late to record the rest?

Amy Babinchak [6:37 PM]: started

Gary Shell [6:38 PM]: Amy, Thanks. Where can we find a link to that recording later.

Amy Babinchak [6:38 PM]: and also in the knowledgebase

Susan Bradley [6:40 PM]: I have to leave early for a dentist appt, my next doc up will be on Office click to run

and bigger new Star Wars date annouced 12/2015

I have to leave early for a dentist appt, my next doc up will be on Office click to run

Edward Rempala [6:43 PM]: Episode 7. Harrison Ford is supposed to return

lik 70

Dexter Southerland [6:45 PM]: Amy, Will you let us know how the rasberry banking test goes? Thanks

Bob Romney [6:50 PM]: We're also seeing some inconsistencies with SBSE DNS.

Amy Babinchak [6:50 PM]: Phil is speaking specific to Windows Essentials Server. There are some DNS issues known.

KenS [6:50 PM]: I'm having difficulty getting the ability to Offer Remote Assistance working on a couple of SBS Standard 2011 networks. I've compared GPOs to SBS Standard 2011 networks that are able to use Offer Remote Assistance with no issues and have not been able to track down the differences. I initiate the Offer, then it will not connect to the computer. I've tried running the Group Policy Results wizard, but it complains that WMI is not running, yet it is. Any ideas or help would be GREATLY appreciated. (My head is a bit sore from the banging.)

KenS [6:52 PM]: “What the chicken”? – I like it.. Can I borrow it Phil?

Philip Elder [6:55 PM]: @Ken of course! :)

Amy Babinchak [6:57 PM]: Is this the one where the guy deleted everything and had no backup?

Charley Kerr [6:57 PM]: yes

Edward Rempala [6:59 PM]: wow..someone got fired that day

Charley Kerr [7:03 PM]: Ive learned my lesson with backups along time ago.  I like the 3-2-1 philosophy.  3 copies, 2 different media 1 offsite.  Do a test restore.

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