Microsoft Phone, Tablet and PC Buy Back Program

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Did you know that Microsoft is offering money for your old phone, tablet or PC? There’s a big range of devices that they are willing to pay for.

It works like this. Go to the link above. Use the form to get a quote for how much your client can get for the old device. Now let’s be honest here old electronics aren’t worth a lot individually, but if you have a client with a bunch of them laying around? They add up.

Here’s how you do it. Very simple. Just select your device from the drop down list. At the top of the page (which you can’t see in this clip) it tells me that my old Focus S is work $14. I’ve got 3 of them in the drawer so that’ll be a Visa Gift card of $42 for me. 



The procedure is pretty simple and when you go to the site you’ll see that you can also turn in PC, Laptops and Tablets too.

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