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I recently gave a talk at the Tampa IT Pro group’s 10th anniversary. It was about my local small business IT firm, Harbor Computer Services, and the direction we need to head given all of the changes that are happening in technology. We’re in a real critical moment where 80% of  small business IT firms are going to go out of business if they don’t know who they are and have a plan. I don’t intend to be part of that statistic.  I hope that you don’t either. It’s been what the whole SMBKitchen Project was about and 115 firms participated and don’t plan to be part of that statistic either.

Honestly the recording is lousy and the evening was plagued with technical issues and the recording captured the presenters view of PowerPoint rather than the full screen view, anytime I turned my head away from staring at the laptop screen you’ll hear my voice fade (I tried to be my very best statue) but hey we were on  our second laptop to try to get this thing going so it was par for the course of this particular evening. Several people have asked me for a recording so here it is. If you were at the SMBTechFest in October, this talk is very similar to that one and they have a much better recording but it’s for attendees only.

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