Somedays . . . IE11 Just Plain Stinks :(

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Original Posted Here: MPECS Inc. Blog: Somedays . . . IE11 Just Plain Stinks :(

There are times where IE 11’s behaviours both in Windows 8 RTM and Windows 8.1 make no sense at all. is a site we use _a lot_ to manage our links throughout our communications.

Here is what the site looks like in IE 11 on Windows 8 RTM today:


Now top that off with the Compatibility option having completely disappeared from any menu option and we have one frustrated user.

Oh, wait, no, the option has disappeared under the Gear but hit the ALT on the keyboard and:


There it is.

No Joy:


Okay, one last step before throwing the browser right out the window. Add the site to the Trusted Sites list.



Jiminy Cricket, this process was frustrating enough for us, imagine what it must be like for users that may not know about Trusted Sites and Compatibility Mode.

What a complete waste of time and productivity to business users that need to jump through these hopes just to go about their daily business.

Yes, Firefox and Chrome (we won’t run with Google product. Period.) are “options” but the business world runs on Microsoft products. Once would hope to believe that somehow things could be done in such a way that users are not impacted in such a way as to lose their productivity to this kind of thing. :(

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