When IT hits the fan

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“My clients love that I use Third Tier because…My clients love that I use Third Tier because they don’t know I use Third Tier. From my clients’ perspective, their systems just work and their migrations go smoothly. They don’t know that we had a major power outage during an initial Active Directory migration, and that the support team at Third Tier spent hours and hours on a weekend cleaning up AD in order to save the day. They just know that the migration went smoothly.” ,Quinton Thomas President and CEO EON Consulting, LLC

What is our job really? It’s to make sure that our clients businesses keep running. If there’s an IT outage then the business isn’t running. They are walking at best but usually they are just dead in the water. The best thing you can do for your clients is to show up with all of the resources necessary to get things back up and running.

I should mention that emergencies aren’t generally our thing. We prefer to work with you on a scheduled basis. We trust that as a professional that you can get things under control and the business continuity planning humming while the issue is repaired.

Regardless, ultimately when there’s a big project like a migration happening your client is going to judge you based on how smoothly it went. It doesn’t matter if blood was flowing so long as the client didn’t feel the pain. Absorb that pain. Get some additional heads on the problem. Call Third Tier.

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