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“Every time I contact Third Tier to help me fix a problem at a client site, they are always professional, extremely knowledgeable, flexible enough to work within my schedule, and they always get the job done in the most expeditious manner! I’ve learned that I can always count on them!” ,Mark Perlstein 

I once worked as system engineer for a corporation that was thousands of miles away from me. The next nearest employee was hundreds of miles away and I was out there on my own. I remember calling into our internal tech support. What made the difference was getting the right guy on the phone that not only knew what he was talking about but understood his job well enough to not leave me hanging alone in the field. Some of the other just wanted to get off the phone and onto the next call. I bet you’ve been there.

So we work according to your schedule. If you say to us, “I’m going back onsite next Tuesday at 2pm.” We’ll be there for you. Just because you’re one guy or one IT firm out there in the field doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone.

Not a Third Tier customer yet? Let me introduce:  We’re Third Tier. We provide advanced Third Tier support for IT Professionals. Come on over, create an account (no charge) and follow our social media locations.
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