Hyper-V Standalone or Cluster Node BIOS Settings

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Original Post Here: MPECS Inc. Blog: Hyper-V Standalone or Cluster Node BIOS Settings

We we set up a new Hyper-V server whether standalone or cluster node we always walk through the BIOS settings on every server to verify that they are set correctly.


We make sure to disable the C States (this BIOS shows C3/C6) as they somehow interfere with performance as well as Live Migration throughput.

We are leaving Hyper-Threading enabled and Turbo Boost enabled for Windows Server 2012 and newer versions as the OS is now more than capable of dealing with vCPU threads being shifted out of parallel by a Core speed change.


If one is experiencing performance anomalies with a cluster setup then the first place to start is the BIOS settings as one of the nodes probably has an incorrect setting.

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