My Business Was Killed by the Cloud

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One of our local clients is having an issue. They aren’t getting email from one of their customers. Since 90%+ of business communication is email this is a big important issue. So we investigate. We check the Exchange server queues, logs, message tracking, spam filter, run some tests – conclusion; the message never made it here. It’s not your problem; it’s theirs. So we explain this to our client and say, if their IT has any questions for us just have them contact us. Time passes and still the problem persists. Yesterday we get a call from our client asking if we will contact the other firms IT and see if we can help. So we do. Three times we contact them. We get three different people all of whom say the same thing “We can’t help you. It’s hosted by AT&T.” Worse they were snotty about it.

So let’s look at this situation. My client is willing to pay my company to help their customer because their IT isn’t helping them with the email problem. We contact said IT firm and they refuse us with the excuse that the mail is hosted with someone else. Let’s stop and think about this situation from their customers point of view.

  • We can’t send email to one of our vendors
  • Our vendor says the problem isn’t on their end
  • Our IT says they can’t help us
  • Our vendor supplies an IT firm that is willing to work with our IT firm to get this resolved
  • Our IT firm refuses to investigate the issue with them because the email is hosted with someone else

What reasonable thing is this company going to do now? Are they going to move their email from hosted with AT&T to hosted with an IT firm that won’t help them? Or maybe move email on-premises? No, there’s no way that’s going to happen. What they are most likely to do is change IT firms and go with someone that will help them.

Folks it’s our job to help people and the businesses that they work for. In fact when you boil it down this is our one and only job. If you don’t help your customers you won’t have customers to help for very long. So now I envision a former IT business owner sitting at one of those classic movie kind of bars over a glass of something strong, exclaiming “My business was killed by the cloud”. It’s sad, really sad.

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