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It’s A.S.P and it’s free for you to check out until the end of April. All you have to do to gain access to March and April’s content is register at Third Tier. Why do you have to register? Because we’re sharing material that we are legally obligated not to make available to the general public that originates at the government and other security research organizations  – only private communities are part of this project. After April you can stick with us for $300 one time payment. If you were an SMBKitchen subscriber we have a big, big discount for you. This one time payment will gain you access to the ASP project for as long as we keep it going. We’ll be around for at least a year; that much we can promise. As a new member you’ll gain access to the original SMBKitchen content too. Read on to learn about ASP. 

What is it? Amy, Susan and Phil are continuing the SMBKitchen Project with a new focus. ASP has a focus on what you should be doing now. It’s about how to take the amazing security research we’re going to share with you, analyze it, determine whether you should be doing something proactively for your clients as a protective measure and then deploy it. Phil is going to coach you through melding the advantages of Cloud into your on-premise solutions. We’re going to hold a monthly chat to give you a chance to pick our collective brains and share your thoughts. Ultimately we’re about helping you become an amazing SMB focused IT consultant, Third Tier style.

Some more details:

AMY: PROJECT PLANS, POLICIES AND TOOLS. As the owner and the technical leader of my business one of the roles that I play in my business is to design new services and solutions that the company offers. It’s actually one of the things that I enjoy most about being in business. I love to solve problems. I love to help individuals and businesses get what they want and maybe more from their computer or network. Creating solutions means that I get to learn new things, dog food new products and isn’t that just a bunch of fun? I get to tinker with computer stuff. What IT person doesn’t love doing that? So when I’m meeting with them or listening to my technicians talk I’m on the lookout for things that we can implement that will make those businesses better and will also generate some new and hopefully ongoing revenue for us. In particular I’m looking for those items that we have more than 1 client that has the need. Sometimes they turn out to be things that we can implement for every client.

In this series I’m going to be sharing with you the things that we are doing including the project plans for making it happen. Sometimes they will be group policies, like the cryptolocker policies we shared last year. Sometimes it’ll be product pointers with an article on why I selected the solution that I did. You’ll find a heavy emphasis on security since that’s always been a hallmark of my business. You’ll also find a heavy emphasis on hands-on problem solving and consulting since that’s also a key to our success. In the end I hope that you are inspired not just to implement what I present but to start looking at the frustrations that your clients have as opportunities to build solutions and master product implementations that you can then use over and over again for your other clients; ultimately taking your business to the next level where you are unique in the market you serve.

SUSAN: SECURITY, RISK MANAGEMENT, COMMUNICATION: Small businesses face a daily struggle of balancing the need to get things done with the risks of life on the web.  It is a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the attackers but balancing the need to not go overboard on the paranoia.  My goal is to help you define appropriate security settings without making things so draconian that no one can work in the network you set up.

In this series I’m going to be identifying threats to your clients and possible solutions to prevent disaster and risk.  I’ll be identifying risks of patching as well as risks of not patching. We’ll be identifying better ways to secure our networks.  We’ll be looking at the threats in the larger enterprises and condensing the information down to actionable security for a small firm. We’ll be providing client ready communication on a biweekly basis to inform your clients of security risks they need to be aware of to ensure they don’t get tricked by the latest scam.

PHILIP: IT SOLUTION SETS IN THE CLOUD ERA: We are constantly being buffeted by the Cloud message from all vendors. In many cases Cloud vendors are calling out the Death Knell for the SMB/SME IT Pro consultancies. I’m here to tell you that the SMB/SME IT Pro can and will triumph in the Cloud Era!

In this series my contribution to the ASP project will be a lot more focused on a mentoring style. With monthly Q&A webinars and the opportunity to work with me one-on-one if you so choose I will help facilitate the necessary changes in our business models, technologies used, and IT Solution Sets put together for our clients. One of my goals is to help our subscribers see how to work with the Cloud message but to go beyond that and work it to our advantage.

Another goal is to facilitate our subscriber’s IT Solution Set knowledge with what has worked well for us and what has not. No fluff here. Just an honest opinion about what works and what is in reality, IMNSHO, junk. Let’s take a look at the big picture together. What are our client’s needs today and tomorrow? How did their growth patterns fit into the solution we or someone else may have provided for them? How has the Cloud been integrated into their environments and how could it be integrated? With a top down approach we could reach right into the finer details of hardware configurations and how to make things play nice together.

SIGN UP!  Register. Proceed to Payments. Press the Purchase More Support button. Add ASP to your cart and checkout.

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