Easy Print Anomaly

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It’s a tale of whoa full of long hours spent troubleshooting an issue that took a moment to repair. Our very own Philip Elder provided the pointer to the solution! Hopefully after reading this you will be spared.

The problem at hand was that envelops did not print anymore when using the Word Envelop Wizard. A print job was created but then it disappeared from the queue but the printer never received it. However, all other types of printing worked and we could even printer other types of documents to the manual feed tray. Just not an envelop.

This problem started suddenly affected all 8 remote locations simultaneously but not the site where the servers reside. Everyone uses thin clients to connect to the terminal server. The network had been in place for years and was running Windows 2008 with Terminal Services. There are 9 locations including the head quarters. All location use the same printer which in this case is a multifunction Toshiba.

Long story short, we tried repairing Office 2010, removing Office 2010 service pack, reinstalling the Office 2010 service pack; removing server updates, reinstalling server updates, updating the print driver, updating the printer firmware, troubleshooting with Toshiba, downgrading the print driver and we even tried installing and using other applications to print envelops which is when we discovered that it is merely the shape of the paper that is the problem, not the application creating the envelop print job. Any application that attempts to send an envelop is denied. That’s when Phil suggested to make sure that we weren’t using Easy Print.

Easy Print is a giant time saver and generally a blessing to those of us that have been fans of Terminal Server deployments and fought with redirected printers over the years. Until now. Phil was right. Our thin clients at the remote sites were using the Easy Print driver. We had to implement a local group policy to turn it off and force use of redirected printers.

Launch gpedit.msc on the terminal server: computer configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Printer Redirection

In the future when we encounter a printing anomaly we’re going to look at Easy Print first and perhaps save ourselves a lot of time.


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