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The SMBKitchen ASP project would like to offer usergroups a free membership to give away at their next meeting. If you are a member of a usergroup please forward your leader this blog post and let us make someone’s day by giving them a $300 membership.

This month marks the official beginning of paid content for the next iteration of the SMBKitchen. We’re calling this one ASP (Amy, Susan, Phil). This time around we’re focusing on making your small IT firm thrive. A much heavier focus on the business itself plus some tech and security. Phil and I are essentially sharing how we run our businesses and why we do it this way. It’s the inside track to learning from successful IT business owners first hand.

So please encourage your groups to hold a drawing at an upcoming meeting and just let me know the name of the group, the name of the winner and their email address. I’ll get them setup and welcome them aboard.

www.thirdtier.net is our website. amy@thirdtier.net is my email address.

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