Microsoft: Excitement Rekindled

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Original Posted Here: MPECS Inc. Blog: Microsoft: Excitement Rekindled

Back in the day, heh ;) , I was privileged to work with the SBS team both
prior and post MVP award.

Many of us in SBS Land can remember just how active the team was around SBS
2003 RTM/R2, SBS 2008 Standard/Premium, and finally SBS 2011 Standard.

By the latter product release much of the old guard had moved on but the new
team and us SBS MVPs had a strong business relationship.

The key here is in the relationships and communication levels we were
experiencing with the teams.

For must of us both within the MVP realms but also in the public that came to
a full-stop when development of the then Windows Server 2012 pre-release cycle
became better known.

We were all held in the dark. This situation continued with the 2012 R2
development cycle.

Silence. Dead Silence *insert sound of crickets here*

For those of us both within the MVP community and outside the MVP community
that are truly passionate about the clients we serve, the products we work with,
and just all-around geeking out about tech the silence was deafening and

Tie that into the seemingly endless “Death to the IT Pro” messages coming out
of Microsoft over the last number of years and there were a lot of flames
snuffed out these last two product release cycles.

Change for the Good

One thing is for certain: Something has changed at Microsoft.

While I most certainly cannot provide “insight” into Microsoft’s motivations
for the recent change I can most certainly say that the change is welcome. Big

We now have a public release of Windows vNext bits. We have forums to discuss
these bits.

For many of us MVPs we have, and I can’t say “unprecedented” given previous
experience, an amazing amount of information flowing from our product teams.

The conversations we’ve been having with the team(s) lately have been
refreshing. Yes, they’ve been listening to us.

And, I’ll make no bones about it, I feel very excited about this upcoming
product release like I had been with the then new versions of SBS Standard!

So, hat’s off to you in Microsoft whoever you are that allowed the floodgates
of communication, shared tech passion, and business relationships to happen

And thanks to the Microsoft Teams that have been sharing your product
excitement. It is refreshing and invigorating for us to experience and work

We both stand to benefit greatly from this “new” openness from Microsoft.

Oh, and Cluster is definitely key to our company’s future. ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Cluster

Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

Chef de partie in the SMBKitchen ASP Project
Find out more at
Third Tier: Enterprise Solutions for Small

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