If you’ve ever had to repair your Exchange database, then Microsoft won’t support you. Third Tier will.

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In May Microsoft posted a new support policy to their Exchange blog. http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2015/05/01/new-support-policy-for-repaired-exchange-databases.aspx

This policy says “Uncorrectable corruption can linger in a repaired database and cause store crashes and server instability, we have changed our support policy to require an evacuation of any Exchange database that persistently has a repair count or old repair count equal to or greater than 1”

Which means that you won’t get any support from Microsoft if you’ve ever repaired your Exchange database. Third Tier will however continue to support repaired Exchange databases. However, if you come to us with a corrupt database, we will recommend that after the repair a new database be created and mailboxes moved into it. This isn’t as disruptive as it sounds and your end-users will never know the difference.


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