An Addition to the Ransomware Prevention Kit is Now Available–Configuring Trend Micro 9

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Wayne Small, one of our fabulous engineers at ThirdTier has made a new contribution to the Ransomware Prevention Kit. He provides a step-by-step guide to configuring Trend Micro for maximum ransomware prevention complete with screenshots of the settings you need to configure.

If you’ve already purchased the kit, then just log in again and grab the new document. If you’d like to make an additional financial contribution to this project you may do so by going here. We really appreciate your ongoing support.

If you have NOT already purchased the kit, what are you waiting for? Ransomware is never going to go away and you configuring to protect against it needs to be standard practice. Over 500 other IT firms have already purchased the kit. You can read all about it here, or just go here to make the purchase. They kit invitations go out at the end of each day.


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9 thoughts on “An Addition to the Ransomware Prevention Kit is Now Available–Configuring Trend Micro

    • Third Tier Post author

      Yes email me direct with the address from which you donated and I’ll put on tonights list. You may also want to just log into onedrive using the paypal address that you donated from and you should see the kit there waiting for you.

      • n

        Hi .. thanks for getting back

        My email address I use for PayPal is not the same as the one I use to sign into oneDrive … have created a oneDrive account with the Paypal email address and it’s empty …

        Will drop you a mail so … many thanks again .. !


    • Third Tier Post author

      Steven – they are sent out each evening. You will get an email with an invitation to onedrive from an email address. Check spam too because often it lands there.