Building a Ransomware Prevention Solution: Slide deck and notes 2

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It’s 100% my fault that this webinar did not get recorded. We had a little snafu getting Susan’s audio going and in my hustle to get the webinar on track I forgot to hit record. But I’m one of the few people that write notes into my slide deck as a prep tool, so here I have for you the slide deck with my notes in it. That is, typos and all.

My thought is that Susan and I will record this presentation another time somewhere down the line. Big thanks to all that attended. It was our largest audience yet at somewhere around 120 of your that took time off in the middle of your day for this important topic.lyimage

This deck has also been added to the Ransomware Prevention Kit. So if you’ve got access to that, then go into your OneDrive and you can grab it from there. If not, then please make a donation to us and get your kit!

Download the Slide Deck only


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