ChannelPro mentioned Third Tier’s BeTheCloud along side Azure, AWS and Google

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ChannelPro mentioned Third Tier’s BeTheCloud along side Azure, AWS and Google. Philip Elder’s design is a PRIVATE cloud alternative; where the IT firm makes the profits. As we like to say, He Who Owns the Cloud, Makes The Profits.

Resellers as Public Cloud Providers
It is possible to offer public cloud services without signing on with a third-party provider, thanks to “Be the Cloud,” a service offered by Third Tier, an online provider of IT support. Be the Cloud is “a solution that MSPs can use to sell clients solutions where they host servers and applications, and charge on a per-user, per-month basis,” explains owner Amy Babinchak. Designed by Philip Elder, who owns MPECS Inc., an IT provider in Canada, Be the Cloud enables MSPs to essentially own their own cloud rather than purchase cloud services through a third-party provider. Elder says the profit margins—well over 30 percent—are much higher than MSPs can experience with a third-party public cloud provider.


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