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We haven’t mentioned what’s in the patchgrid or why you might want to download this free resource lately. So here goes…the patch grid is a meticulously maintained spreadsheet by Susan Bradley that details which patches are more important than others might be and which ones might cause you problems if you meet certain criteria. There’s a tab for every month going way back. Some information is highlighted for you that Susan wants you to particularly note.


Have you ever had questions about whether you should deploy a Windows patch? Does it have any known issues? Well, welcome to the patching chart. Susan Bradley, resident patchaholic, keeps track of these things for you in a handy spreadsheet. Across the bottom of the spreadsheet you’ll find patching recommendations for previous months with updated information. They get updated too with the latest in known issues and solutions. Revisit our blog each month to get your updated version

Download a fresh copy.


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