Eliminate Network Drops and OneDrive Sync Problems 1

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Rarely have we come across such a silver bullet. This Intel network driver includes Intel Proset software which is pretty amazing in itself and includes network cable testing and wifi heat mapping. This is something that ordinarily you would need testing equipment to accomplish. Further it works on a wide range of network cards including wifi.

Need evidence?


Looks like you nailed it (again)!  I downloaded the Intel driver update you recommended, and now my PC is syncing instantly, as are all of my other laptops and iDevices.  You correctly diagnosed the problem and prescribed just the right remedy.

And, Intel even installed an icon for the Driver Update Utility on the desktop in case I ever need to access it again.

Can’t thank you enough, Ted, for allowing me to focus on my work with OneDrive as a key tool instead of an ongoing source of frustration!

Win 10


Win 8.1


Win 7


And just for good measure, Linux



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One thought on “Eliminate Network Drops and OneDrive Sync Problems

  • Philip Elder

    There have been times where the Windows built-in Intel NIC driver was bad. The worst of it was a brand new dual Xeon workstation ($15K) with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate having a pulsing motion in mouse movement and all apps. It turned out to be the Intel NIC driver. Go figure. The first thing we do is update the out of the box driver.

    The same for canned setups from the likes of Dell, Toshiba, and others. We update the driver.

    I suggest _not_ installing the Advanced Components beyond the Driver on endpoints like desktops and laptops. That can bite down the road as there can be version up restrictions that won’t allow v10 to up to v15 without either uninstalling v10 first (possibly losing settings) or installing v12.5 as an example.

    As of this writing, the next to current Intel PROSet (wired) is v20.7.1. The current is v21. I suggest sticking with v20.7.1 until we see at least a v21.0.1 with a README explaining what was updated.

    In my opinion, V21 is primarily for Windows Server TP5 though it may also contain some updates for new adapters arriving on the market.