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Started to have a problem uploading additional photos into the media library in WordPress. When uploading it would appear to work, show the file there, but no preview and when you clicked on it to edit the file an error message presented that says the file contains no content.

Solution: After opening a ticket with ENOM our wonderful host, they immediate determined that an upgrade in PHP from 5.3 to the latest version our site would support, 5.6, would fix it.

To fix this, please go into the PHP Settings of each domain.  You’ll want to set the PHP Support to the highest version your site supports.  Then you’ll want to make sure the “short_open_tag” setting is set to On.

By default our hosting service sets “short_open_tag” to On so there was nothing for us to change there. The PHP setting was simply a drop down box to pick the new version.

Everything is working like a charm after changing that setting. As a bonus, the website is also faster loading too.


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