How to Modify Metered Connections in Windows 10

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I was desperate to repair an issue with my Windows 10 machine but was unable to complete the download because all I had was a metered connection. Now don’t get me wrong the metered connection settings are brilliant and a great money and data usage saver but it can also be annoying. On the flip side, while in the USA usually the only metered connection is cellular outside the USA other types of connection can also be metered.

Microsoft has unfortunately not made it simple to alter the metered connection settings but it can still be done through the registry. I searched and dug and found this reference in a support thread.

The following requires you to either use the script on the page or you can  set it manually via REGEDIT but first by taking ownership of the key.

1= non-metered 

2= metered

How to set an Ethernet Connection as Metered to control Updates, Drivers, Store and others

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\DefaultMediaCost]


Note that you first need to take ownership of the key as it mentions but that you will also have to give your account Full Access permissions because by default everyone but System only gets read so even if you’re the owner you need to add to your permission level.


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