New Ransomware Kit Materials Released

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Things change and so it’s time to update the ransomware prevention kit. Some items are new, some are updated. Look at the file dates in the OneDrive share to determine what’s been updated.

If you’re already a Ransomware kit customer go to shared in your OneDrive account to review the kit contents again.

Here’s a list:

  • UpdatedGP. ZIP This folder contains updated versions of all of the group policies. This was necessary to include the new Microsoft requirement that all group policies include a delegation to domain computers. Include software exceptions, zip, java/sliverlight block policies.
  • Resources has an added link to a ransomware summary spreadsheet
  • Protection from Javascripts is a document showing you how to prevent javascripts from running automatically
  • Recovery Key has been updated including more links to published un-encryption keys
  • Fake Ransomware is what it says it is. It is a running fake ransom screen that you can use for training

I have a stash of few more items that are still in editing and testing. So expect some more changes to the kit next month.

Don’t have your ransomware prevention kit yet? Buy it here:

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