Microsoft makes giant change in patch delivery starting today!

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Microsoft knows how much you love the Windows 10 update model so starting today they are switching Windows 7 and 8.1 to the roll up model.

Be aware that starting tomorrow there will be a massive change in Windows patching. No longer will you be able to hold back on a single update, everything will be in an update rollup.

For those using WSUS there will be two patch bundles, one is a security only patch, the other will be security and non security updates in one update. If you have automatic approval of security updates enabled, you will probably find that both patch bundles will be approved.

For those that use Microsoft update, you will only see the one bundle of updates, that of the security/non security bundle.

You can read Microsoft’s announcement of this change here:

To get Susan Bradley’s recommendations on patching download this months PatchGrid.

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