4 ways to thwart Ransomware in Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall 2017 (version 1709) has introduced some excellent new features for protecting against ransomware. Using Windows Defender the big 4 features are Exploit Protection, Attack Surface Reduction (formerly EMET), Network Protection and Controlled Folder Access. Together they mount for formidable defense.

Block Ransomware


There’s a big caveat in this whole protection scheme. You must have Windows Defender as your primary anti-virus solution and you’ll be best protected if you use Edge. If you just cringed, it is time to throw out your preconceived notions about Defender and Edge and take a fresh unprejudiced look. The protections in Defender are quite significant and worth youy time to implement, configure and use.

None of these feature are configured out of the box. They have to be turned on and configured with group policy or powershell. Some of them require the building of while lists to make them user friendly. You won’t be deploying this without first developing your plan.

Ransomware Prevention Kit

We will be adding configuration for these features as the primary protection for Windows 10 in our Ransomware Prevention Kit. The paper is written. The field testing is in progress. Meanwhile take a fresh look at Defender. I think you’ll come away realizing that it’s come a long way since its introduction and Microsoft is serious about protecting Windows from invaders.


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