All about Third Tier

We are support for IT Professionals!

We’re not here to help your end users; we’re here to help you get things done for your clients. Helping is what we do. We’re primarily current and former Microsoft MVP’s. We’re geeks that love to geek for other geeks. We want to help you. It’s in our nature.

Third Tier is a unique collection of services (and people!) designed to help IT firms be better. We know that you’re under time pressure to get everything done for your clients in a very timely manner, so Third Tier is staffed by doers. We aren’t your business coaching do as we say not as we do people. We are boots on the ground kind of people – only remote. We’re here to make you the hero; to make you the best IT firm in your area and to make your business better.

Who do you call when you need assistance?

Open up a ticket with us. It’s simple. Go to

Open a ticket. We’ll contact you back. Tell us when you’d like to work on the problem next and we’ll meet you there – virtually of course. We will pick up where you left off. We’ll resolve the problem together or just get over the part where you’re stuck. The choice is yours.

We can also help you tackle a project, do the whole project for you, do a server migration, setup and configure or just about anything else that doesn’t involve working with your desktop users directly.

Don’t spin your wheels! When you need an expert in a specific technology area, we’re here for you. When you need another set of eyes on a real stumper of a problem, we’re here for you. We can get the work done right and fast so you can keep things moving for your clients.

How to you contact us?

For support the best way is to open a ticket at Or you can send an email to or for other business questions please contact

Here’s what we have to offer

  • Helpdesk: Open a once off ticket and get an expert to help you resolve the problem or complete the project.
  • Tech Your Books: What if you could cross a geek with a CPA? We found that person for you; now you’ve someone you can talk to about your bookkeeping challenges.
  • Ransomware Prevention Kit: Best practices for IT management in the era of ransomware. Helping to keep ransomware off of networks since 2013
  • Scholarship Program: We offer a certification reimbursement program for Women looking to improve their futures in IT careers

Who are the Third Tier staff you may work with when you need assistance? Click a name for more detail

  • Amy Babinchak – Amy owns Third Tier so it’s all her fault. She’s a Microsoft MVP in Cloud and Datacenter technologies.
  • Philip Elder – Phil is our Cluster and solutions guy. He can quote part numbers like nobody’s business He’s also fond of saying “What the Chicken?” when he stumbles upon something. He’s a Microsoft MVP in High Availability
  • David Shackelford – Dave is all about messaging. He’ll take Exchange from anywhere to anywhere and he can fix it when it’s broke too. We’ve adopted Dave’s philosophy “always be awesome” as our own. David is a former MVP in Exchange
  • Missy Siudara – Missy is our Office Ninja. With any luck you won’t know she exists but if your payment/credit needs help the Ninja will take care of it.
  • Rayanne Buchianico – Rayanne has a unique skillset. She’s an MCSE accounting professional – for real. She gets IT firms.
  • Susan Bradley – Susan is happy to spread her paranoia around. She’s our resident security detail. A CPA and computer forensic investigator; you don’t mess with Susan. Susan is a content provider for patchgrid, super secret news and the ransomware prevention kit. Susan is a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Security
  • Catherine Barr – Catherine is one of our generalists. She’s been in this field a long while and has seen this all before.
  • Wayne Small – Wayne is one of our generalists with an emphasis on networking, storagecraft, Trend Micro and ransomware. Wayne is a former Microsoft MVP for Small Business
  • Marina Roos – Marina is another generalist with an emphasis on networking and migrations. She’s also our SBS guru. Marina is a former MVP for Small Business
  • Charlie Russel – Charlie is a PowerShell MVP who has written many books on Azure, Networking and Server.
  • Prabhat Nigam – Prabhat is our SQL guru that is also very accomplished in Exchange ADFS, Azure and other related technologies. Prabhat is an Exchange MVP

About Third Tier

Established in 2008 by two Microsoft MVP’s with a desire to provide access to amazing IT professionals when other IT professionals know that they need an expert. Our staff are hand picked from the best around the world. We are a corporation and our staff is insured with E&O. Our back-office is located in Royal Oak, Michigan.

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