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4 ways to thwart Ransomware in Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall 2017 (version 1709) has introduced some excellent new features for protecting against ransomware. Using Windows Defender the big 4 features are Exploit Protection, Attack Surface Reduction (formerly EMET), Network Protection and Controlled Folder Access. Together they mount for formidable defense. But… There’s a big caveat in this whole protection scheme. You must […]


Going with the Flow

Originally published on where I write articles a couple of times a month. – Amy There are many features that you get access to when you use a document management application like SharePoint that you just don’t have in a server file share. One of them is the ability for the owner of a file to […]

Fail to protect RDP and you will be hacked 1

For many resellers and customers, gaining remote access to their office has been “simple”.  They simply open port 3389 and forward it to a server or workstation in their office and they can gain remote access.  The problem however is that this then leaves the system vulnerable to breach via some pretty simple tools that […]

you need to secure RDP

Tip: Getting into Safe Mode the easy way

One of ThirdTier’s excellent consultants, Wayne Small, has a tip for you. Here’s how to make getting into Safe Mode easy. There are times when you need to get into Safe Mode on a computer in order to fix things up and there’s no easy way to do it.  I’ve found through a number of […]